HEAT & ENTROPY (29th July 2016) - BUY LP/CD HERE

Written and recorded at The Vennel Studio throughout 2015 in Queensferry, Scotland.  Heat & Entropy is the second album to be released under Chatwin's own name and the first for US label Ba Da Bing.

“Dark, bare, beautiful soundscapes that mix analog electronics with classical sensibilities.” – Stereogum

“Peaks with gale-force electronics as the Scottish musician plays scintillating lines on hammer dulcimer in the most dramatic usage of the instrument since Nico’s “Evenings of Light”" – The Wire

“Bowed strings that shimmer and pizzicato ones that echo, grainy guitar textures rising up in waves and sprays, abstracted and distorted rumbles and thrums" - The Arts Desk

"Heat & Entropy is a stunning, inspired album that achieves the sort of balance implied by its title." - All Music

“A collage of atmospheric drones & fractal melodies” - Prog Magazine

“The kind of labyrinthine expedition that drapes a sense of wonderment upon the listener...” – Gold Flake Paint

“Spending time with Heat & Entropy feels like being treated to a rare beauty; like being locked inside an aquarium after lights out and witnessing a hidden world of bioluminescence, it’s a real treat.” - Record Collector

"If you were to draw a sonic Venn diagram you might find Heat & Entropy in an overlapping set alongside Vangelis, Steve Reich and maybe a fingernail of Mogwai. But in the end it remains its own thing, a thrilling enjambment of the ringing and the raging, the delicate and the distorted." - The Herald

"Chatwin’s exploration of electronics meets obscure stringed instruments such as the metallophone, diddley-bow and dulcitone is a rich, rewarding listen..." - Electronic Sound

"The album sounds like some scientific fusion happening in real time, like cells are exploding, regenerating, and melding together as life comes into existence." - Unrecorded

"The further on the album progresses the further away that last breath feels, but the surroundings grow more foreign and beautiful. ." - Raven Sings The Blues

"By drawing upon such disparate genres, he creates a widescreen vision that engulfs the mind like an encroaching wave." - A Closer Listen

"Luminescent pads and shooting star keys light up the track whilst menacing tones lurk like lamprey shadows stalking beneath the surface." - Echoes and Dust

"The music almost rips itself apart, but, as is always the case, a fragile ecosystem must take root if the music is to survive, progress and prosper. Somehow, the major knots and sharp twists find a way to coexist." - Fluid Radio